Becoming Hero

Connecting people in pain with the power to heal heroes.

Our Quest: Real Life Superheroes

We find you tools to turn your pain into power – healing into heroism – and use that goodwill from you to fund IRL hero projects.

Because we believe “main character” is just a point of view.

We call it consensual Robin-Hood-ism. It starts with your origin story, and goes like this:

  1. We give you something that helps you level up – whether that’s fiction to transmute your suffering; practical skills to survive disasters; reduced cost telehealth to stop what’s holding you back; or something else.
  2. You give us money.
  3. We give your money to heroes on the ground in underprivileged locations.

People like Isabel, in Liberia, running an orphanage despite losing most of her family to the civil war.

People like the folks behind Agape International Missions, who run SWAT teams to take out human traffickers.

Or people like the team building a mobile clinic and trauma-support network for ignored people in Paraguay.

Projects We’re Funding

“Becoming” Projects

Check out what we’re working on, then scroll down to see how you can benefit by being kind.

Projects Funding Us

Cool Ways You Can Get While Giving

We’re a little different than other charities. We’re not just here asking you to help us. We’re willing to help you, too.

Becoming Hero Publishing Projects

100 percent of our proceeds from these works goes to the projects we’re funding; for projects where we’ve collaborated with someone outside our organization, we agree with the creator on a 50/50 split, where our entire profit goes to the projects we support.

Just want to give so we can help people already?

Tingles Tea

100 percent of our proceeds from these award-winning teas goes to the projects we’re funding – and 100 percent of these teas are tested and researched to help YOU find the moment of rest you so desperately need in the middle of your battles.

Indigenous Artwork

After compensating the indigenous artist at their preferred, 100 percent of proceeds goes to projects we’re funding. You’re helping TWICE: helping underprivileged creators feed their families, and then reusing that same creation to help others. Please email jen at if you’d like to see the carvings! (Display page coming soon)

(Right this way!)

Heartfelt Healthcare by Dr. Jen Finelli

When not working in Paraguay, Jen Finelli, MD, SAMFE, FAWM sees VA and TX patients for “pay what you want” prices, down to $1 for people in need. Whatever you’re able to pay for your visit goes to projects we’re funding.

COMING SOON: A network where you can post offers and requests for heroes! (For now we’re just on Discord)

What’s your hero project?

We’re curating a list of resources to help people who want to learn above and beyond “activism” or “charity” – the kind of people who’d like to be IRL superheroes. No egos, though.

Don’t have a project yet? Everyone’s got a special reason they’re on this planet, and we’d love to help you find yours. Even if we can’t fund you, we’d like to know about what you’re doing, and see if there’s some other way we can help, or some way your story can help others.

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