Every Justice League Needs a Bruce Wayne.

Make sure to put the specific hero PROJECT you want to help in the COMMENTS of your gift!

Not sure which project to pick? That’s okay! When you don’t label your gift, what you give here primarily goes to making sure we can continue providing ongoing support for Isabel’s Orphanage in Liberia, Jen’s Mobile Clinic in Paraguay, and medication assistance/reduced cost telehealth and trauma recovery support for people both in Paraguay and in the US. Next, we’re allocating funds for our special temporary projects, which you can read about on their individual pages or, for quick, time-sensitive needs, on Jen’s scifi and superheroes email list. Third, we’re providing special one-time and, if approved, monthly gifts to some of the anti-hunger, anti-trafficking, and human rights organizations listed there

It’s all super-important stuff, and if you’d like to support many good things at once, or just say thank you if we’ve helped you along your hero journey, this is the place to do it.

Current Monthly Needs

  • $1000/month to Liberia for medical expenses, food and schooling for the unsponsored kids, college scholarships, computer equipment, internet, and seeds, all additional costs not covered by their sponsorships – (you can sponsor a child monthly with His Hands Support Ministries if you like!)
  • $200/month to Jen’s mobile clinic specifically for medications (you can read more about other needs on the project page here, where you can also learn about another charity, Project Paraguay, that helps her put on health fairs)
  • $100/month to be able to allocate to anti-trafficking and anti-hunger organizations

Special​ One-Time Needs

  • With food shortages in Liberia, the cost of rice has skyrocketed, and Isabel is searching for new sources of nutrition for the children of the orphanage. We need to raise $3000 for a 3-acre plot of land to plant okra and potato greens for them. Once we have land, other organizations have told us they’re willing to help with the agricultural side.
  • Check out our PROJECT PAGES for other BIG one-time needs we’re saving up for

Financial Transparency

100% of proceeds received go to Becoming Hero projects. There is no administrative overhead, and even though Dr. Finelli technically works almost full-time for Becoming Hero, she is unpaid. To prevent conflicts of interest and comply with US IRS regulations, Dr. Finelli is joined by two other board members who provide accountability and additional oversight. Gabrielle Miller and Jordan Brobst both have passion for and experience with people struggling through emotional and existential pain, making them excellent support for projects focused on turning pain into power and healing heroes. Jordan is ex-military, and Gabrielle is a licensed allied healthcare professional.

We’re currently applying for 501(c)3 status and incorporation in the US state of Virginia to make donations tax-deductible. Financial reports will be posted on this page as they become available. Receipts and raw accounting data will be stored in a password protected online portal available upon request to long-term donors.